A new approach to business management in the grooming industry
It’s time to Growth!
The launch will be announced on our Instagram.
Stay tuned for updates.
A cloud-based
management software
to run your business
Upgrade your business
We identified the needs of professional groomers like you, and created the growth.pet ecosystem with convenient tools in mind. Tools that will allow you to automate routine tasks and take your business to the next level.
The service is created for individual groomers, mobile groomers grooming shops, and grooming shop chains
The system adapts to any type of business. Pick the tools you need - and you can add more at any point in the future
metrics and analytics for your business
Keep your business under control in any situation with instant access to every feature
Access the system using any device anywhere in the world
Introducing smart scheduling to track your appointments
Smart scheduling
A flexible system will allow you to set up the calendar and your employee’s work schedule the way you are used to
Everything you need right before your eyes
Forget your notebook, Google Calendar, Excel and other inconvenient tools
Services and prices
Information about your client and their pet
Information about the groomer
Manage appointments and your whole schedule with a convenient calendar, right from your smartphone!
Growth.pet will not let you make a mistake by scheduling different clients for the same time slot and to the same groomer
The system will automatically add appointments made through your website or mobile app to your calendar, and delete them if the client canceled the appointment
A new level of interacting with clients
Launch a branded app and a website in a few clicks
With growth.pet, you get a branded mobile app and a website that your clients can use to:
You can change the content of your mobile application and website within the system, no special skills required
Make appointments for their pets in a few clicks
Pay for your services
Receive appointment reminders and other notifications
Buy related products
Leave reviews and tips for your groomers
Participate in the loyalty and referral programs
And so much more...
Automate notifications and reminders for your customers
Create notification templates once for each event and set the time for them to be automatically sent to the client via: in-app messenger, email, text, or automated phone call
The growth.pet system will do everything for you and remind your clients:
No more distractions! We’ve got you covered so you can focus on what you love.
About their upcoming appointments
When they need to confirm their appointment. It will also inform them about any scheduling changes
When it's time to pick up their pet from the grooming shop
When it’s time to groom their pet again
When they need to pay for the service
When they need to vaccinate their pet again
And much more...
Accepting payments is easier than ever
Payments & accounting
The growth.pet ecosystem has integrations with all major banks and payment systems
Online payment, payment terminal and customizable advance payment options
Flexible settings allow you to adapt the payment process the way you need it
Accept payment for services and goods online. The client fills out their payment details in your app or website to pay for your services, or leave a deposit before the appointment.
Set up a non-refundable deposit before the appointment to eliminate no-shows. You can make advance payment mandatory for everyone, or only for certain client categories, like the new ones.
The growth.pet ecosystem is integrated with most payment terminals. You only need to click one button in the appointments widget and the terminal is ready to accept card payments in the shop.
Don’t waste time on accounting, taxes and payroll
The system keeps information on the exact amount of money you’ve earned, the number of paid services you’ve provided, and the amount of goods you’ve sold during any period
This allows growth.pet to generate detailed financial statements and visualize them for you in a simple way. Calculate how much you owe to every groomer, how much profit you make from goods, learn about your most profitable services, and much more.
Specify your tax brackets in the settings, and growth.pet will calculate taxes for you. We’ll also remind you to file your taxes when the time comes.
A business analytics system - clearly visualized
Make the right business decisions based on accurate information, and over 100 metrics across primary and secondary indicators like:
Having key knowledge gives you a huge advantage and allows you to successfully grow your business
How satisfied are your clients with the quality of services
How many products have you sold in the store during a certain period, what products were those, what clients buy these products, and what do they have in common
The average return rate for your clients
How many clients have not returned to your grooming shop and what do these clients have in common
How many hours a month is each groomer occupied and how much money they make for you
What pet types and breeds are the most profitable
The average amount a client spends per visit
Your most profitable services
Do you want to know everything people say about your grooming shop on the Internet?
Growth.pet algorithms continuously scan popular social networks and top review websites for hashtags and keywords related to your brand
As soon as your grooming shop name (or your personal name) is published along with keywords such as: “groomer, haircut” and many others, you’ll see this text with a source link in your admin panel. You can immediately respond to a negative review, or thank a client for a positive one.
Growth.pet is guarding your reputation
Sell related products in your own online store
An online store is integrated into your mobile app and website. The intuitive interface makes it extremely easy to manage
Let your customers shop the way they always do
Integrated mailboxes. Subscription configurator. Referral program. Loyalty program. Pet boarding management module. Online tip payment. Personal accounts for clients and their pets. Mobile grooming management system. Waitlist for clients. Legal agreements with clients. Regular appointments. Blacklist. Gift cards. Inventory. Access permissions for employees. Marketing module.
Additional features
Our team
Roman Vdovchenko
Growth.pet CBDO and co-founder
Andrey Ivanov
Growth.pet co-founder
George Goginashvili
Growth.pet adviser
Founder of “G-POINT” brand

Founder of “G-POINT” grooming academy
Owner of an international grooming shop chain “G-Pet”
Andrey Vasiliev
Growth.pet CTO and co-founder
Growth.pet CEO and co-founder
Ben Gerasimov
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